Scarecrow’s Lament

Get me down
It really gets me down
Living so high up here
All I want
Is to be far
Away from Kansas dear
For they think I’ve got the answers
Though another man
Not I
Perched my arms in this formation
Chosen to scare the birds off
I couldn’t tell you why
Lacking in so many ways
Though held up for two reasons
To point directions that and this
I couldn’t tell you which way is north
Or even know how much I’ve missed

Alas, I hang
Upon a haggard wooden post
From this mid-western crucifix
Penned is all I know
But with plans hidden in my stuffing
Secrets in the straw
Time is my only blessing
To plan escape
And as I look across fields of golden corn
Miles of corn I see is all

Each harsh word is a stone
Hurled directly at me
Nagging and cackling crows upon my shoulders
Just will not let me be
They scratch and claw to erode my tired soul
In my painted ears they scoff
But I bet you a thousand rows of strong stalks
Someday I’ll be off…


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