Good read

I’ve searched for a book with good binding

Sturdy, lasting and strong

One with a spine that’s unbroken

No plots that go on and on

I yearn for a very nice cover

Not flashy, but catches my eye

Gold on the edge of the pages

With my name printed inside

I’m no kind of librarian

Many books I have sadly been crossing

Searching each day

For the one I can say

A good book is worth getting lost in

One that takes me to faraway places

An escape from the grey of this town

Full of adventure and intrigue

A book I just can’t put down

Not the easiest read

One that speaks between the lines

I may not always understand

But it makes me want to read it again

For I glean something new every time

Dewey and I are mismatched

Parallels which never are crossing

Been mining all day

For one I may say

A good book is worth getting lost in

~leah marie


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