Room 238

Oh the blessings that were held

Within those withered hands

As her silver hair sparkled

Like the sun on New England sand

The wedding ring she twirled around

Remembering the day

The sailor came into town

And even longer did he stay

Ruddy and sturdy as a wooden mast

With kind emerald eyes

There was nothing not to love

Summer brought his affection

And it never went away

And now all she holds is his memory

Close throughout the day

She lives in a small space

Surrounded by others

Who feel out of place

But she never complains

She rereads the torn love letters

Each one takes her to another time

Every word brings back a picture

And a smile to each tired line

And every night at nine sharp

She tells him of her day

Though it hasn’t varied in years

And after she kisses the air

She feels warm tears

No, she doesn’t fear the journey yet to come

He’ll come on the Evangeline, his ship

To take her to a never before-seen home

Once again sweeping her off her feet

She will float right through the ceiling

In her new body of air

As she is lifted so gently inside

The ship she built piece by piece in her dreams

She’ll run to his side

And whisper “it’s been forever it seems”

As the wind makes her hair

Slowly take flight

Onward and upward they’ll go

Into the absence of night.



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