Mondays, Meditation and Music


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This morning I listened to a meditation on fear of the unknown as well as another one on this site.  It made me think about success and failure and here are some thoughts from it…

Just think.  It may be possible that I haven’t failed at all.  That I have become closer to who I truly am.  

Just think.  “The Unknown may be better than what I know.”  I am ready to succeed even if it leads me into the unknown.  So what is the unknown that you fear?  Is it the spiritual future, music, a job, a relationship, the desire to really work toward change? 

A sweet friend, Miss Kate Unger, posted today that Joseph didn’t belong in the pit but rather the palace.  But it took him 13 years to get there.  We don’t find success or change overnight.  So when I’m in the pit, I must remember this truth.  Thanks Kate 🙂

I hope we all have a week full of opportunity and blessings.  Happy Monday.



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