1, 2, I need you


Photo credits: Keene and Cheshire CO (NH) Historical Photos

Like these people need a ferry, I need you.  We all need each other.  Perhaps it’s an acknowledgement and humility that we really can never get to very many plateaus without the help of some shoulders to stand (and cry) on.  That being said, I can see the importance in truly getting to know people as a musician.

I’d like to know you better:

~if you love music that has heart and well-crafted, touching lyrics as its sidekick

~if you want to see, meet and support the musicians you listen to and truly become a part of their circles

~if some of your favorite bands are groups of people who exude heart and soul and a general love for each other and their crowds (includes but not is limited to Head and the Heart, the Lumineers, Mumford and Sons)

~if you’re interested in people and their engaging stories, and you appreciate fantastically gifted raconteurs 

~you’d love to hear new music but you don’t enjoy going to clubs, bars so late at night it sometimes becomes less enjoyable

~you play instruments proficiently, harmonize and aren’t a songwriter (this is my pitch for band members)

My goal is to befriend 1000 people/fans true fans for my music by the end of 2014.  I have 21 months to accomplish this.  But I’ve also been thinking about my target market, my vision in the industry and what my end goal is.  I have been given opportunities to get to know and build an encouraging network of artists, designers, filmmakers, engineers and more over the past several years who I trust and respect.  Because come on, who wouldn’t rather work in an industry with people they actually enjoy being around?  I think a lot can be said of curating a talented team and people who are committed to their passion.

It has taken some pressure off my shoulders in musical pursuits to say, “I’m going to find my own path in this industry.  I don’t need to sell myself to a label or seek recognition from big whigs with money.  I want to run this ship in a positive and productive way without others steering me into ominous waters”  There is wonderful power in the hands of people and that’s who I want to share my music with- the people who love it the most.  So, Power to all you great people.  Power to the dreamers. Power to the passionate souls.  Power to the fire in our hearts.  May we be given Power from above to change this world for good 🙂




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