Living the Dream


Photo Courtesy:  Library of Congress

Sometimes it takes awhile to get to where you’re going.  This musical road trip took me from home to east Texas, to Austin and finally to Nashville where I await the release of my first EP titled In Pursuit.

I was a songwriter at five, writing ditties while my dad filmed.  I basked in the glow of a world I created all alone.  Classically trained in piano since 6 prepared me for using the piano as my main instrument.  Poetry took hold of my heart through the middle school years and once in high school, I became involved in choir and musical theatre.  The stage taught me how to share my gifts with those who loved the arts.   From there, I decided to learn how to sing and play with my book of pop songs.  This was somewhat difficult as I had always struggled as a sight reader.  So I began writing songs in my college bedroom amidst the east Texas pines.  I shakily performed an original song at my college open mic night with my music professor’s encouragement.  After a move to Austin, I began playing at open mics and coffeehouses around town.

4 years after, I now reside in Nashville. I am blessed to have learned what I am made of and to know somewhere deep in me lies grit that runs in my family.  I anticipate the release of my first EP due out September 24.  To hold such a completed project in my hand will be an accomplishment in and of itself.  It is a gift to arrive at a goal and I look forward in hopes that it is warmly received by those who like it.  I have had an amazing opportunity to tell a story through song in the last six months in the studio.  I’ve molded and sculpted these little works of heart.  It has been days and hours of creating something I have wanted for 5 years.

So it is with open hands and a warm heart that I give you something I hope will be well received.  If you would like to receive In Pursuit, please message me your address or send it to me at

Have a lovely Tuesday 🙂



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