Monday musings…


Photo Courtesy: Norwegian flickr photostream

We sometimes fail to understand that there is power in our feeble hands, no matter if we have trouble learning to stand.  If it’s not for a greater purpose, then what’s the purpose.  Let us not strive to own this world, but merely inhabit it and let our clay feet sink into the earth while we are here.  May we leave it better than how we found it.  I will take these feet where He leads.  I feel an itch in my feet to let them breathe and move around.  I cannot deny my desire to traverse the earth.  Driven to share talents that have been bestowed by a great Creator, my hope is to encourage others to let their beauties come to light and reflect His glory.

Music pulsates through my veins like an untamed river running through the mountains.  To feel those melodies and lyrics that are sewn into my skin, my pockets and all of my kin is an impressive gift I have been given. One step after the next onto a better home and may we all learn to love and give and sacrifice on the way. 


My imagination revels in successive pictures that I see every day.  I write because I must, because I want to share and tell the world my stories through song.  We are all In Pursuit of something…. What good things are you pursuing?



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