That’s what I’m here for…


Photo Courtesy:  The Library of Congress photostream

I used this phrase today while talking to someone at work.  And it hit me later.  When doing good and serving, do we truly think (and even in the small and insignificant, dirty tasks), this is what I’m here for.  Not that I’m here to be glorified or worshipped or thought well of or to become popular or well-liked or rich, but that I am put here to serve and help others come to God.  If we aren’t doing that, then do we really have an eternal purpose for being here?  If I said yes, I’d be justifying my own actions too.  Everything else is merely side roads that veer off the main road. 

How often in previous jobs have I thought- I’m better than this?  I deserve so much better, why is this happening to me?  Is that really the attitude we should ever have?  Should we better ourselves?  Of course, but contentment throughout our work situations and our frustrating relationships is something for which to strive.  But think about this, if you think you’re way too good to be somewhere or to be friends with someone, then perhaps God still wants you there to learn something through that place or through that person.  I can see this with my musical background.  If I had gotten the success I wanted when I was younger, I would not have been in the right place mentally for any of that.  It was only through seeing others leave their faith on the side of the road or watch the sickness in the industry around me that I was able to see the truth.  I’m thankful that I don’t feel as strong of the pulls that I used to feel, but they are apt to creep up at any time.  Therefore, I should work at contentment and continue doing good.

How often we spend our lives in pursuit of things that will eventually come to nothing.  May we strive to seek good, peace, God, not be apathetic, save the lost and to serve even when we feel inadequate or hopeless or frustrated or like it will bring us down from popularity.  I heard a quote by Josh Rosenthal on a podcast today on DIY Musician.  He said “The music is the means of the message- it isn’t the end result.”  So as music is the means and the gift that God gives me to glorify Him and do good works, so might a job or a relationship or an awkward situation or a trial.

Because ultimately, serving, giving more of myself and pointing others to God…. “that’s what I’m here for.”



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