In the Future…


Photo Courtesy: Florida photostream

Where do I see myself in the future?

I see myself in a cottage by the ocean, where the waves are lapping up against huge rocks and the sun is setting.  I can hear sea gulls having a conversation about the weather or the latest thing they read.  I’m swallowed by a sweater that’s entirely too big for me and my feet are tucked up beneath me in my Adirondack chair painted seafoam green.  I am touching a journal with hundreds of empty pages just awaiting to be dressed in lyrics, poems, stories and imaginings of my mind.  It’s quiet by the ocean.  It’s peaceful by the ocean.  And the night air closing in is pushed by the wind, encouraging her to be better and stronger than she was before.  The horizon provides the center, the balance, the anchor for my eyes.  My formerly brushed hair is now lifted off my neck by the wind and brought around my eyes and caressing my cheek and with each breath, I take in more healing, salty, sea air.  I think I begin to understand why the doctors at the turn of the century recommended a stay near the beach for its healing properties.  I lie back, close my eyes and just be.



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