Thursday thoughts and things to think about (the “th” sound)


Photo Courtesy: George Eastman flickr photostream

10 affirmations to look in the mirror and remind yourself today….

  1. No one, and I mean no one, gets to determine your happiness.  They can’t steal it or conceal it- do not give them that power.
  2. Even if no one laughs at your jokes, you are hysterical in your own right and will find those eventually who will love your humor and wit.
  3. No matter what quirks, glitches or funny personality traits you have, you are beautiful and belong in the world.  And anyone who picks out those instead of seeing you for what you really are isn’t worth your time.
  4. You never have to explain yourself to those who don’t truly care about you.
  5. You can only know what people reveal…. Otherwise, you aren’t a mind reader.
  6. Kindness is a way to live, act, talk and carry out with everyone you meet or have as blessings in your life.
  7. Words and actions must go hand in hand or they begin to cancel each other out.
  8. There’s gotta be a reason that the mind and the mouth were made as two separate pieces.  One should be used before using the other.
  9. Instead of talking about everything you hope to do…. Just go do it and shut up.
  10. Don’t ever believe that you aren’t wonderful, valuable, intelligent or belong in this great big world.  Because everyone does.  Sometimes it just takes finding your niche before it begins to make a little sense.

You are perfectly perfect…. So check out this perfectly perfect song 😉  I’m in love with Elizabeth and the Catapult right now.

Happy Thursday dears…



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