Rest in Peace


Photo Cred:  Library of Congress flickr stream

Rest in peace.

Ok this isn’t what you think, so don’t think I’m being morbid.  Peace.  Peace that passes all understanding that guards our hearts and mind as God tells us in His Word.  Peace comes softly at times.  And the most amazing peace is when you come to know through God’s help the right path to take.  Sometimes the things I thought would cause me to ache for months are much less painful than I expected.  Time heals and reveals.  Maybe there’s an ease in age.  The people who used to make me upset don’t rub me as wrong anymore.  And the peace in knowing that God will provide for me in His own time is super comforting.  Who else do I have to impress in this great big place but the Maker himself?  Sure I see others receiving blessing and their lives changing around me, but I must not be shaken.  I am one soul who knows that God knows best for me and will send me exactly what I need if I trust Him.  I have seen many friendships come and fade with the sunset.  I have experienced disappointment in others and the world around me.  And I’ve come through it with perspective and experience. 

I have watched my country continue to breed materialism until we are soaking in a self-sick and sin-sick place full of people who have lost their zeal for simple pleasures.  We can no longer enjoy lying under an oak tree in the summer or having an actual conversation without feeling unimportant as the other party continually checks their phone (I too am guilty of this).  Challenging ourselves to connect to the actual world instead of the digital world is something we should consider.

Amidst all of the annoyances and challenges is peace.  We can rest in a state of peace knowing that so much does not matter.  Not how much we procure.  Not how successful we are to our peers.  Not how beautiful our face is.  Not how lean our body looks.  Not how big our muscles are.  Not how hilarious we are on twitter.  Not how happy of a relationship we have with a significant other.  And not how much money we make.  For we are all on the same playing field.  And we are ultimately in submission to the Almighty who created heaven and earth.  One day all of these extensions of ourselves will fall off as we rise into Heaven to be forever with the One who knows us better than any person on this earth.  Work to be found faithful 🙂

2 Corinthians 10:18- “For not he who commends himself is approved, but whom the Lord commends.”  Let’s stop caring what others think.  Let’s stop trying to attract the opposite sex or the big-name producer or the money or the fans.  Let’s just try to be commended by God and work hard at what we do and the rest will fall in place.  Live in peace.  Act in peace. Rest in peace.



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