10 things my parents instilled in me for which I am forever grateful

  1. A faith in God- it’s not their faith now, but I’m thankful for a foundation to know the Maker of the universe who holds my life and happenings in His power.  They taught me where to go for wisdom.
  2. The concept that church is not about a building- it’s about all followers of Christ worshipping all across the world.  It expanded my worldview that there are others like me loving and serving the world around.  No matter where I go, I will have family.  I have blessings I haven’t even ever met yet.
  3. The sense that I’m not entitled- I drove a Buick Park avenue I bought from my aunt for 20 bucks just to say we purchased it.  My brother and sister both had to drive it.  It was not flashy or cool, but it was a first car.  We had to learn the value of driving something to humble us while others got new mustangs and jeeps.  You have to start low on the rungs of the ladder or you’ll fall fast from the top
  4. A love and interest in people- my parents welcome people into their home.  They want to know about what they do and where they come from.  I feel their interest and enjoyment of people has become an integral part of who I am as a person.
  5. Buying from thrift stores and on sale is wise.  I used to be super embarrassed when my mom made us shop at Goodwill.  Now, it’s what all the cool kids do.  Go figure. We hardly ever bought anything new unless it was a solid pair of shoes.  Now I know how to live simply and how to find deals without being in massive credit card debt.
  6. An attitude of gratitude- My mom made us write thank you cards for gifts and thank the host and hostess for having us.  I know now about common courtesy and how that can lead you to have a lasting attitude of gratitude for all you have been given. 
  7. Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes- I despise when my mom tries to get me to see the other person’s point of view when I’m angered.  Ultimately, though, this is helpful in not being a me-centric person.  She tries to remind me that my perspective is not the only perspective.
  8. A healthy work ethic- Because of them, I learned that nothing will be gained without some valiant effort.  If
  9. It’s all a fly speck in the scope of eternity- my parents taught me to focus on the bigger picture which will ultimately minimize my persisting cares and pains at heart in the present moment.  I’m grateful that I am not only living for the here and now.
  10. Less of a focus on technology at home and more on music, laughter and spending time together- I did not grow up with the internet in my childhood home.  I’m not saying the internet is bad.  I used it every single day.  But I’m also saying that we need to consider the time we spend with technology and whether it’s productive or wasteful.  As a family, we enjoy laughing together and swapping stories about our lives.  We find people and circumstances hilarious and love sharing our views of the world around us.  We always shared evening meals together at home and built community in a relaxed setting.  I hope to do the same thing should I have a family of my own someday.

So for all of these and more, I know I’m blessed.




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