Sacrifice and Mercy Ships


Photo Courtesy:  This flickr photostream

David said he wouldn’t give to God what cost him nothing.  When we think about sacrifice, we think about giving up or letting go or compromising with someone.  But do we really think about it in practical terms?  I try to think about times in my life that I have actually sacrificed something and they are relatively few… or very small at that.  Sometimes I think about the things that others have done to get to where they are- be it working through medical school or working two jobs while raising a family as a single mom and so on.  The closest to sacrifice I think I have come is giving up some aspects of a music career when it didn’t coincide with my faith or the direction I believed was best for my life.  But here are a few things I’ve come to think sacrifice calls us to….

1.         A true sacrifice involves letting go of control.  Realizing that someone else is in control of your destiny can be both terrifying to accept but also comforting when you relinquish your tight grip.  When something is asked of you, you have a choice to give or a choice to make an excuse or divert the help to someone else.  What will you do where you have been called in that moment of service?

2.         A true sacrifice involves giving up something that is very dear to you as an offering.  I know I tend to think of it as something like letting someone have the last piece of pie or visiting the sick or helping someone jump their car.  But whatever it is, a sacrifice is made when we give of something that we dearly want.  Be it our time, our talents, our clothing, our house, our image…. We are called to lay it at His feet to be used for good.

3.         A true sacrifice involves giving up willingly and happily.  If we begrudge our giving, it does not have the proper effect on our heart.  It is when we push ourselves through that discomfort and continue our good efforts with a positive attitude that we will begin to see our actions change our mindset.  I believe action follows thought.  But I also believe that thought can come from the proper actions as well.  I believe this is why foot washing was

Today I’m feeling really compelled to go and do.  I feel like there is so much God has blessed me with and perhaps there is more that he expects of me.  Am I using what  I have for good or just merely for myself and my own pleasure?  I am not innocent of this mindset although with age it seems things become less about trying to prove oneself to an ever-changing and unforgiving world.  It isn’t easy to be truly honest with oneself…. But some days don’t you feel this stinging in your heart that there is more out there just waiting for you in regards to your “reasonable service?”

I was informed recently about this really cool organization that is currently in need.  It’s called Mercy Ships and they port all over the world, providing healthcare to the underprivileged.  It’s an awesome crew of people who work for various periods of time depending on what they are able to give.  There are countless types of jobs and there is an urgent need right now for several positions.  I am not able to currently be a part of this great organization, but perhaps within the next year, I may have the opportunity to join their cause.  Please check out their website and learn more about what they do.  And if you are serving in various other capacities you have found, keep up the great work.  He tells us to not grow weary while doing good, because He knows we need the continual encouragement even when we go unappreciated.

As you go through your week… let this be your mantra…

“Let kindness be on my tongue, love in my heart and wisdom in my mind so that I might bring even a little light into a world of darkness.