the tragic tale of “D”

This is a story

Of a short little girl

Who lived oh so shortly

In a short little world

Her name was so short

It only had one letter

They had always called her “D”

Short for Delores Debetter

And she lived in a short house

On a street made of bricks

And the days she was happy

She skipped upon bricks

But one day it was raining

And just for some kicks

She skipped and she skipped

But GASP! She slipped on the bricks

Her rain boots flew off

And her dress blew up high

Each neighbor in shock

Was completely mortified

And she tried to get up

But her knees wouldn’t give

And she thought to herself

“I don’t think I shall live”

And what “D” didn’t know

Is that she was right

For when you think thoughts like that

They come right to life

For her fingers grew cold

And heart thumping stopped

And the neighbors once more

Were in states of shock

So the moral is sad

But the moral is true

Don’t think negative

Or like “D,” you’ll die too.



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