The Mary Evangeline

She has not harbored
Harbored yet
Waves and weather
Have not been kind enough
To her just yet

Only a vessel captivating sailors
Who gaze in want from afar
It’s better this way
To keep you at bay
Not knowing who you are

Seemingly unattainable
She glides along the coast
And as the sailors talk in their sleep
She haunts them as a ghost

She throws her sails back
Laughing whole-heartedly
In royal jovial jest
While those sitting shore-bound
Wonder what drives her
To rise above the rest

She bathes the world aplenty
Refreshment to each one
Bringing sighs of relief
When she enters
The horizon

Floating on her bath of tears
Davy Jones alone holding what has been
Transporting their unknown fears
For no sailor has unlocked the door
In the chamber held within

She seeks a captain
Who yearns and prays
For one entrusted role
To guide her patiently homeward
Protecting her bold yet fragile soul.


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