Following freedom

Looking up into the west Texas sky

The prairie dog inched near and shielded his face

Held up his hand to only try

To touch the traveling mystery

He never could catch

But today it was waiting

Close enough to snatch

“What does it mean

To be you Tumbleweed?”

And tumbleweed rolled a few feet away

His mass of intertwining twigs gave a tremor

In the sultry breeze of the day

“Well, I’m anxious you see,

Never could settle down

Enjoying sights as I passed

Through country, not in town.

I decided long ago to let the wind carry me through

Where it felt I belonged

To myself I’d be true

Mother tumbleweed shook

When she heard the news

While father just whispered

Love what you do

“Oh for life worth the livin

Though lonely she may be

Little doggie, they don’t know

They only dream of livin free.”



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