Harvest of Bravery

Fear whistled to me

And we stood there face to face

She said “I know that you won’t do it.”

I started to turn away.

But when I turned back around,

She had transformed into a horse

How did she know my weakness

My deepest childhood ghost

Instead of sinking to her

I firmly stood my ground

Calm, unwavering

Reaching my hand out

Slowly to her now


Creatures only fear

When they smell it on your skin

I always thought they didn’t like me

But it was more of me not liking them

Sensitive and shy

Fearful of their size

Once I walked into the unknown

One determination did I hold

To emerge as a victor

Who had vanquished this one foe


The antagonist was not

The creature standing there

It was within myself

Weakened by the stare

Fear is only strong

When you’re blowing coals and embers

As she threw her thoughts at me

“Be afraid don’t you remember?”

Planted, as violent wind around me snarled

Talking myself slowly through

I have sent fear far away and whispered

“I am not afraid of you.”



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