True, this is my poetry blog, but people have told me I should keep a blog…. meaning, i should write about my personal experiences? Why not?  I’m long overdue for some sort of book, essays or published work….

Life, love and the pursuit of everything….

At a time, when you feel like the world should be practically at your fingertips, why does it feel as if there’s nothing at the end of them but some tiny little nothing shreds of hope.  Wanting to pursue but acknowledging that this world is not going to hand everything to you on a platter all wrap up to make you realize that God’s plan is not that you become a great big star.  Rather, you start to realize that you are a star in your proper place in His plan.  And accepting what that plan is for you or knowing when to jump at certain opportunities and when to learn to wait is the hardest thing of all.  But sometimes, just some moments, reveal that while you were waiting for God to do great things through you, He was actually making great things happen.  I don’t know much, but one thing I’ve learned.  His creative touch lights the areas of our lives where we didn’t see or even know it was present.  It’s almost as if we were walking through a canvas of many colors unknowingly.  But when we turn around to catch a glimpse of where we’ve been, we see a picture that was painted, more clear and detailed than we could comprehend at the time.
that’s all for now….


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