Only a refraction of Him

Light. Counter-culture to dark. And in the early morning light when you watch the gleam illumine the sun-ward side of every leaf, think.  One doesn’t look at this occurrence and say- “Look at that little leaf glow- he’s just so fabulous, glowing more than any of the other leaves.”  Rather, the whole scene is a complete work of art and you say “Look at the sun illuminating those leaves so beautifully.” In the same way, God is the light. And even with each of our own glowing accomplishments and talents, we must step back.  Looking at the tree as a whole, we should see lots of light reflecting and bouncing off each bit of life form. In our proper places and roles, others should see God’s light springing from our hearts, talents and everyday endeavors. So, on that note, are you holding your gifts all for yourself or are you lifting them up, spreading creativity throughout the world around you to show what God has bestowed on you? And while doing this, you are turning God’s light on in the hearts of others. 🙂

go forth and shine dear friends…


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