Never dull

Just thought I should keep record of all the insanely cool things that have happened lately…. the Lord blesses me richly with a life full of experience.

We found a turtle just hanging out on our driveway… my new housemate Jessica wanted to name her “shelly”. ha

I live in a big house with two really fun girls- Jessica, from Staton Island, NY who has worked with Ingrid Michaelson, went to school with Regina Spektor, had coffee with Ben Folds and the list goes on.  And Melanie, a naturopathic doctor from Los Angeles who will be teaching us to make our own facial products.  We had a great discussion about God leading people to specific places in their lives to all meet each other.  She asked “Do you believe in that?” yes, yes I do. My whole life has been a series of those providencial meetings.

Just two days before, a girl I once worked with had gotten in contact with me because her boyfriend had literally kicked her out and she drove to Louisiana on a donut tire.  She called me because she was wanting to get back into God. She wanted to know if she could go to church with me.  wow. Rich I tell you- I’m rich in blessings- God showing that He is there through all of the stories that have intersected with mine. I love the experiences- they make me who I am.

And tonight, two older women asked if I would drive their RV when they travel around the country for fun.  I told them yes. And I mean it.  Experience.  More material for my creative outlets….. God has given me such an interesting life with the most intriguing people.  thank you 🙂



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