Lone Wolf

You’d think i’d know you better

Since I’ve known you for so long

You’d think I’d found the answers

When I’ve studied for so long

You’d think I’d guard my heart

With the writing on the wall

There’s oh so much to contemplate

As the leaves begin to fall


You’d think of me so often

If the river ran my way

You’d think the path would wind along

instead of going the same way

You’d think that those in power

Could quickly make it snow

But with hands tied how they like it

Often prove this isn’t so


You’d think I’d learn to let go

Member of the remnant few

You’d believe I was a sweet one

If you’d never seen me spew

You’d use the skills you’ve mastered

To acquire someone’s heart

Maybe love’s a stumble

in a room that has grown dark


So you think you’ve come to know me

When I hardly know myself

And you think that I’m just perfect

Where you placed me on a shelf

and you think fidelity waits

Once you’ve soiled what was sound


You better think again my friend

What you give will come around




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