Sway not through the rising tide…. and hold onto what’s true.



This is me.  It may be vastly unpopular.  It’s organic.  It’s raw.  A vision that none have charted. It wasn’t grown overnight but rather over time.  I didn’t receive it at 18 on a platter from a pinafore.

I think it’s best to not make fans, but friends.  I plan to not use or abuse people, their time, their money and their talents for my own personal gain or my musical gains.  I will let them decide if they enjoy and love what I have created and desire to invest their hard-earned money and limited time to see me and support me.

I will foster my creative, idiosyncratic, adventure-seeking spirit.  And in doing that, there is no intrigue or beauty or inspiration in some of the venues where music has been forced to reside in the cities across America.  I won’t allow an industry to guide the rudder of my career sails.  Because I don’t hold their same views of what is real and what it takes to “make it.”  I will make music, play music, write music and inspire music in new avenues.  And my performance will be wrapped in an aesthetic- and a memory to be carried forever in the hearts of my audience.

The time for discouragement is over.  There’s only futility in crying over spilt milk- those who have been disappointments, those who have flaked on commitment and those who have decided that a lifestyle is more important than character-driven choices and music are behind me.

And let this rest like a comforter around me: a phrase from a hymn…

“we bring an offering of song.”  Music is the gift bestowed, and musicians can merely express and give it back in gratitude.



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