Reticent Moonrise

moon and sea




















Photo credits: this talented individual

From the belly of the ship

I emerged in quiet haste

As the captain slumbered, believing he always had his way

Into the night, in pursuit of escape

One leg over, in blinded faith

Clutching the rope as I slid down the line

Save my life, boat

Freedom, freedom

Ring- ing in my head

Into the night, I found my way

Lapping water like a stray

Gainst the sides of my saving grace

Once I was out of sight and could finally

Breathe audibly

I let my arms rest

Like moses in the wilderness

Reaching up to touch my dampened locks

Where dying flowers revealed my lot

That matched the stench of death

Seeping from my dress

I could lean over and see

The saddest version of me

I cannot run for long I knew

But the punishment that would ensue

Would be worth these few

Moments on an open sea

Free from captivity

And sea-borne illness

That in a week

Would in final silence cover me.

~leah marie


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