Poetry for your Thursday


Photo Courtesy:  Maria Ellen Photography

Little succulents and the glow

I wrapped my fingers round it

And choked the magic out

All because of hurried pace

In the here and now


The light that shone

Lost some of its glow

When I spent my days

Crafting for show


Fragile, worn and unaware

Nothing grows right overnight

And with these feet, I try to walk

Upon the path that’s most bathed in light


I expected my return

to unfold without much labor

And I have given more than I should

to those who did not return the favor


Love is lost on those who grip

with nothing underneath

Words hold weight

Even if you use them too freely.



Tupperware Kids


Tupperware kids

The city dump

Is one big place

But to me

I see the face

And the bodies

Of us all

Kept tucked behind an iron wall


To the left are shells of cars

Like the structures that we are

Hollow inside without meat

Dripping with our own selfies

We grew up nice

We grew uptight

We packed in tupperware

At night

And now I know that it’s not right

Yet I can’t stop myself


Our parents never seemed to mind

And now we teach our kids it’s fine

If you don’t like it

Just unwind

And cast it to the side

Landfills full of junk we used

Thrift stores are for cool kids too

Hear, hear the Tupperware kids

Our cry

Don’t you tell us what to do!


Look at all my stuff I scream

I’m rich and pretty,

See my newsfeed?

The more likes

That I can procure

will heal my troubles

I am pretty- pretty sure

Broken marriages

Disheveled people

Worshiping under

broken steeples

Building bigger barns


The book says don’t

Do that?


Walking shadows

Bathe in despair

We are too advanced

To care

Tell me how to live?

Who dares

Cause I’m a Tupperware kid

I’m so smart now

So we say

The trash is piling up today

Let’s bury it so no one knows

The skeletons of our no no’s


I feel sick inside a lot

I imagine there’s a reason

It’s all rolling down the hill

Into a colder season

Tiny snowballs gainin speed

How they slowly grew

We’ve learned to throw it all away

For something shiny and new


Here I stand in the city dump

With other rejected casings

And to my left foot

I kick

A piece of Tupperware from some

Manufacturing station

Cause I’m as dirty as this trash

an entitled Tupperware kid

Of the toss it generation


Platonic City


Platonic city here we come

To the ocean

I must go

No one but my heart

Can know

The waves that pull

My body so

And hold me

In their sway


Like a love

That must end


That begin and end

The golden globe

Is sinking in

into a rising summer



Get me

Far away from here

Where the ground

Is crystal clear

And I won’t be forced

To hear

A man

With lies profuse


I know something

Waits for me

Blues and greens

And calm bliss be

he pulls me in

but owns not me

for I

will not be caged




High above the city faire

Where happiness

melted in my stare

Fingernails scraping

Beneath my skin

Blaming me

That I let you in

But as the sun was setting

Yesterday as I came home

Revelation stirred

within my bones

That where I stood

And where I fell

Was where I met someone

Stronger to tell

Tossing the past into the air

This was serendipity

That I should meet you

Where he first stole me


Poison in the Posies


I cut myself

Just to bleed you out

I drained the pen

In hopes that I could write you out

It may take

too many years

The only way to find out

Is wading in the fear


Why must we gain wisdom

In cruel ways

Stick it to me slowly

Let it drip into my veins


Certain days I can see

The dust I was before

When apathy passed around me

and left me crumpled on the floor

Plenty of art

With this fodder

And the sting

You don’t connect the dots

until it calls for you

And you trade in everything


Why must we learn the truth

In cruel ways

Stick it to me slowly

Let it drip into my veins


At times I just despise you

For what you did

Even though I know I shouldn’t

But still I do

See it, Here lies what’s broken

The truth is that it’s gone

I think I once had confidence

But it has since floated on


Why must we gain wisdom

In cruel ways

Stick it to me slowly

Let it drip into my veins


You’ll Be-elzebub

while they dance around your fire

Ring around the rosie

But don’t you dare get cozy

There’s poison in the posies

Get thee away from me

The one I thought was love

Who became the phantom

That haunts me from beneath

Mountain meets erosion

Is what I’ve become

You turned away too often

To convince me you’re the one.


Guest Post!


I had the pleasure of guest posting on the Living Behind the Scenes blog recently.  Please feel free to check out the post here.  It’s a resourceful blog for people in the music industry with helpful hints and more.  So, visit the site and peruse some of the articles if you so choose!

Here’s a poem I wrote today to say so long…

Into the wind…

As I threw it to the wind

My spirit felt more light

I wonder if I smiled more

Would it my feet begin to fly

Nothing gold can ever stay

Who’s hiding what is real

The fact that I can hurt

Means I’m still able to feel


father time is keeping watch

over hours and our days

they keep pushing us through moments

Without first resting on this page

What’s common can be lovely

What’s simple can be joy

What’s with all the pressure

To settle on a boy


I carried the weight on my shoulders

Like a milkmaid into town

Worried what they’re saying

Knocking myself down

Pinball spinning slower

Around the hairpin curve

Undocumented hours

To be a king, you serve


The mountains give direction

The sun crests o’er the hills

Welcome to the forest

Where no one cheats or steals

Whispers in the willows

The hollow tree, a home

The moss becomes a blanket

My pillow is a stone


In dreams I found a melody

That disappeared with light

I searched for something somewhere

For my goods I had to fight

If only I was something

I let myself believe

When I had it all along

Tucked within my sleeve


Treat mints


You don’t know?

Inpatient, impatient

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

How could I not know?

Treatment center

Brother here, sister too

Anyone, anyone?

Hello hello, anyone there?


Car ride needing something

So close to learning truth

The box of things sits on the first step for days

I debated

I only found out because I called to

find the address

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Why should they?

I didn’t have the title

Or did I

But I was the last one

Or so I think

Should I have known?

Could I have known?

And once again… trigger pain

Is it my fault?

Why didn’t they call me?

They blame me

Why would they call me

I was the last one

at the scene of emotional crime.


It’s Fools Day

Fools day

They look upon me with pity

Because I’ve no one on my arm

Why’s it gotta be

that I’m not real without someone to keep me warm

I have a lot of dreams

But they don’t mean anything

To anyone

To anyone


I’ll guard my heart

Better than before

Don’t let those wolves come in

Even when they knock nicely at the door


Simplicity is felicity

Burning out the dross

If I can tell you something

Lessons in the loss

Why chase boys

When there’s Less sadness in your dreams

Happiness is found

in unraveling the seams

I put my money where my mouth is

Invested in a risk

For you, I gave pieces of myself

Has to be a reason for this


I’ll guard my heart

Better than before

Don’t let those wolves come in

Even when they knock nicely at the door


The easy route was to toss it out

And burn the framework to the ground

Silence in the shoreline

Nothing’s safe without a sound

I’ll choose a storm chaser

Who finds beauty in unrest

traveling for travelin’s sake

who can be happy in the mess


I’ll guard my heart

Better than before

Don’t let those wolves come in

Even when they knock nicely at the door


Screaming at empty walls


Photo Courtesy:  This Florida photostream


Screaming at empty walls

Anger slipped in the back door

She saw me sitting all alone

Distance is a subtle killer

when it meets a stone

Thought that you were someone

But I always overthink things

And now at an empty wall

For days, I have been screaming


All I ever asked

was a show of your concern

But your eyes were focused

On what you say you want

they all say they seek love

But their stories all undone

They just want the chase

And then they’re done



The pieces that you left behind

I will burn so slow

As peace to recompense

In the silence that I know

This is a dimmer switch

In which you shut me out

Your kind is so destructive

Then surprised when the gold doesn’t pan out


Happiness is not a gift

Delivered by one man

Respect yourself my dear

even if they won’t

Heed my words, guard your heart

I should not have let this horse run

I knew better than to love the west

The land of setting sun