Photo Credits:  Mark

Springtime breezes

Only imagined felt

All my imperfections

Lined up neatly on the shelf

Swinging on the front porch

Of a painted cottage


Home to jack-a-lanterns

In October fall


Envelop me in daybreak

With promises unbroken

And before the others

Expect of me

And I can dwell

In a world

Inhabited only by me


Daffodils dance the pathway

And oak trees protect us

Standing stately

Like soldiers on the street

And as oft the ones with tough exterior

are tender flesh beneath

they seem unafraid

To wave their timid leaves


Love may be fierce

Or take another form

Like rushing water

Or trickling after the winter’s snow storm

Calm breathing

Like an easterly breeze

on a sprightly, slowly wakening

anticipated springtime morn.



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