Simple Love lyrics


Just thought I would share some lyrics from a song I co-wrote with my friend, Denny Burton, who is back in Canada for the summer.  This song touches on the simplicity that should be at the base of a real relationship.  It’s really very simple and we convolute it.  And ultimately loving someone, despite requiring work, shouldn’t be agonizing.  If people are meant to be in our lives, they will be naturally. Love shouldn’t be forced and shoved like cramming as much you can into a crowded suitcase. Hopefully this song will be gracing listeners with its presence on one of my upcoming recording projects! Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂

Simple Love

Winter nights were growing cold

Lonely footprints in the snow

Faint light

Comin’ from my room

What once was fire in my soul

Are embers that I hardly hold

And I hope it changes soon

Yeah, I hope it changes soon


Summer in the valley

Winter in the Forest

Springtime in the mountains

And Autumn is the chorus

of my love, my love

For someone true

Oh simple love

I will wait for you


Warmer weather’s blowin in

Chasin out what might have been

there’s time for something new

Love in boxes that I own

I’ve been told they’ll find a home

Don’t try

But I do

Don’t try

But I do


Summer in the valley

Winter in the Forest

Springtime in the mountains

And Autumn is the chorus

of my love, my love

For someone true

Oh simple love

I will wait for you


Oh simple love

Just take your time

I’ll be still

and let you find




Summer in the valley

Winter in the Forest

Springtime in the mountains

And Autumn is the chorus

of my love, my love

For someone true

Oh simple love

I will wait for you



Tupperware Kids


Tupperware kids

The city dump

Is one big place

But to me

I see the face

And the bodies

Of us all

Kept tucked behind an iron wall


To the left are shells of cars

Like the structures that we are

Hollow inside without meat

Dripping with our own selfies

We grew up nice

We grew uptight

We packed in tupperware

At night

And now I know that it’s not right

Yet I can’t stop myself


Our parents never seemed to mind

And now we teach our kids it’s fine

If you don’t like it

Just unwind

And cast it to the side

Landfills full of junk we used

Thrift stores are for cool kids too

Hear, hear the Tupperware kids

Our cry

Don’t you tell us what to do!


Look at all my stuff I scream

I’m rich and pretty,

See my newsfeed?

The more likes

That I can procure

will heal my troubles

I am pretty- pretty sure

Broken marriages

Disheveled people

Worshiping under

broken steeples

Building bigger barns


The book says don’t

Do that?


Walking shadows

Bathe in despair

We are too advanced

To care

Tell me how to live?

Who dares

Cause I’m a Tupperware kid

I’m so smart now

So we say

The trash is piling up today

Let’s bury it so no one knows

The skeletons of our no no’s


I feel sick inside a lot

I imagine there’s a reason

It’s all rolling down the hill

Into a colder season

Tiny snowballs gainin speed

How they slowly grew

We’ve learned to throw it all away

For something shiny and new


Here I stand in the city dump

With other rejected casings

And to my left foot

I kick

A piece of Tupperware from some

Manufacturing station

Cause I’m as dirty as this trash

an entitled Tupperware kid

Of the toss it generation


Screaming at empty walls


Photo Courtesy:  This Florida photostream


Screaming at empty walls

Anger slipped in the back door

She saw me sitting all alone

Distance is a subtle killer

when it meets a stone

Thought that you were someone

But I always overthink things

And now at an empty wall

For days, I have been screaming


All I ever asked

was a show of your concern

But your eyes were focused

On what you say you want

they all say they seek love

But their stories all undone

They just want the chase

And then they’re done



The pieces that you left behind

I will burn so slow

As peace to recompense

In the silence that I know

This is a dimmer switch

In which you shut me out

Your kind is so destructive

Then surprised when the gold doesn’t pan out


Happiness is not a gift

Delivered by one man

Respect yourself my dear

even if they won’t

Heed my words, guard your heart

I should not have let this horse run

I knew better than to love the west

The land of setting sun


Lyrical poetry for your mid-week


Photo Courtesy:  Swedish National Heritage photostream



I pack a punch

Right to the gut

With a song that I wrote

since I only had so much

I live in a world

You have never seen

Ethereal forests

Filled with evergreens

Remember when there was intrigue

In a disappearing act

Where do you go

When the others act like that

I sought advice

in comrades I knew

but they could not console me

in the mystery of you

I will strive for the higher path

No matter how I’m hurt

I seek comfort in someone else

To the man who won’t desert

Filling up the holes

Where the others fall so short

The one who teaches creation

Is the only one who can bind what’s sore

You don’t sing me to sleep

I do that on my own

The silence is my symphony

I won’t take water from a stone

Love must define me

But I must guard my heart

No matter how it unravels

I know I finish what I start

For shoulders beneath the weight of the world













Photo Courtesy:  Florida memory flickr stream

Heavy the Heart

~a poem

Lone, dark house on a hill

Above darker secrets it sits

Grey and blues meld together

In the haunting. in the quiet still

Sad willow dying outside

Cracking paint

And rain seeping

in my windowsill


Lights camera, infraction

Where the pain sets in

I won’t leave you lonely

To find your way again

Hiding from the pressure

Away from it all

I can tell that you’re aching

Like weary king saul


Walking like bodies

Dying in spirit and flesh

With so much potential

Exhaling each breath

Resting in my bed

Possibly forever alone

This has never scared me

Perhaps i’ve been turned to stone


The devil breaks my body

But he won’t claim my soul

Chewing at my heels

I take the bridge, and pay the toll

He walks around in circles

Lighting fires in an open field

Chanting that I am no good

Whispers love can never heal


Dark as the night water rushes in

And small as I know I am

I will take my shoes off

and in the blackland soil, I will stand

as the storm begins to near

My brown eyes will be set

Wrapped in what I know

Against what has not happened yet.


The Well Wishing


Photo Courtesy: SDASM Archives photo stream

People carry sorrows

like chains around their feet

so carry your brother

when the water gets too deep

Wherever you end up

Just step on outside yourself

Let your word be a promise

Let your love be deep as a well


Into the forests

Out of the past

Running through the trials

Clutching the mast

The darkness may trail

the light of this tune

But someday I’ll make a promise

Beneath a summer moon

All words have two meanings

That get turned in the toss

I don’t understand it

But love suffers long

I’ve seen vice and virtue

From all to old

No matter the substance

It poisons the soul


Into the forests

Out of the past

Running through the trials

Clutching the mast

The darkness may trail

the light of this tune

But someday I’ll make a promise

Beneath a summer moon

Music wafts through us

Like spirits in this realm

Truth becomes us

Once it has been found

Hymns and thistles

Tied up with a bow

Wherever this road carries us

Few will come to know


The great divide


Photo courtesy: OSU flickr photostream

Hear the whisper of the dogwoods

Like they could hardly wait

The lust of open roads

Spread out before us

Like a patchwork sheet

Our future was not certain

In the binding of a storybook

You can’t see everything



We will follow

the Oregon moon

That will welcome us in

I can taste the halo

Shoulder to shoulder with my kin

You and I will falter

But we’ll see the other side

I was once a pioneer

Crossing the great divide


Hey sweet baby

I don’t mind if you grab my hand

Secrets pass between us

As we ride across this land

Across a prairie backdrop

Floating wagon sails

We can only find the heaven

If we pass through this earthly hell


Over the horizon

Lies the promise of much more

Bluebonnets bow their heads

In a Western swinging door

The dust settles where it may

On the hearts of those who say no

Birds learn to use their wings

and we were bound to go


our belongings packed up so tight

bouncing round and out of sight

the days, the nights

the fireglow

tales to keep us entertained

of gold that could be attained

the days, the nights

Let us reap, let us sow

French Pastries

Where shall I go

To find myself

The me I do not know

What window shall I choose

To gaze upon a flowering field

To find myself a better view

To where shall I flee

To satisfy

Each tiny need

And which foreign land can host

My daily joys

And all adversity

To whom shall I give

To bestow

My life

Like a mayfly lives

Who owns the crafted hands

That will hold me close

Spinning yarns over fortune

Love as full from coast to coast.


Photo Credit: US Library of Congress photostream (love this place live)


Thistle Blues


Photo Courtesy: The U.S. National Archives’ Photostream

Thistle blues… 

Verse 1.

The worldaround pretends to know

They tried to spoonfeed it

Down my throat

But I know lies

Are bitter weeds

The poisonsunk

Down to my feet

Not even those

Who seem like little lambs

are good as gold

you can’t seeshadows where they stand

but I’m so broke

because oflove

the holes don’t heal

just callus up


I know you had your reasons

Still I feltbetrayed

Even though you left the light

Where I made myself stay

If you wanted

the friendship that we had

I’d want a two way street

Promise something back

Verse 2.

You better be pretty

And look just like this

Or else you can’t make it

And you never will be his

But I know lies

Are anything but sweet

I don’t think I’ll listen

stomp them lies

beneath my feet


Stomp those lies

Way down down

Stomp those lies

Where they match the dirty ground

Stomp those lies

Beneath your feet

Stomp those lies


they don’t mean anything




Photo Credits:  Mark

Springtime breezes

Only imagined felt

All my imperfections

Lined up neatly on the shelf

Swinging on the front porch

Of a painted cottage


Home to jack-a-lanterns

In October fall


Envelop me in daybreak

With promises unbroken

And before the others

Expect of me

And I can dwell

In a world

Inhabited only by me


Daffodils dance the pathway

And oak trees protect us

Standing stately

Like soldiers on the street

And as oft the ones with tough exterior

are tender flesh beneath

they seem unafraid

To wave their timid leaves


Love may be fierce

Or take another form

Like rushing water

Or trickling after the winter’s snow storm

Calm breathing

Like an easterly breeze

on a sprightly, slowly wakening

anticipated springtime morn.