Ash and Snow


photo credit: Denni

Dark approaches the night

Darker more so than hell

And dark were their hearts

Upon which ignorance fell

For the city was wealthy

A City so wise

Raining accolades, success

Slowly clouding their eyes

Dancing and revelry

Thrived in the streets

While the one on the throne

The devilish beast

The beauty danced to the industry’s


Uppers and downers

Roamers round-towners

Shame is a word

But a thing of the past

The rouge on their cheeks

Provided the only blushing

On their face that is cast

The ones true and just

Crying out

Loud as they can above lust

Tendrils of smoke

Clouding out from the beast

And the flames

that will claim them

Which begin at their feet

The others outside

Their upturned hands bearing x’s

Eternal bondage

The price

To be god for a moment

To pursue vaporous lust

With claws scratching forward

In gods they must trust.

~inspired by Revelation



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