For the love of pure creativity


Photo Credit: United States Library of Congress

An excerpt I want to take to heart…

On one particularly memorable day, Hajdu leafed through a new score over which I had labored intensively. He muttered impatiently, “yes, some very nice sounds, but it’s not you.” Eyes closed, fist clenched tightly on his brow as if tugging at a thought lodged in his brain, he continued: “You are writing someone else’s music, and they are annoyed. Go sit in a dark room until all sounds and ideas have left you. Then, when you finally begin to hear your own music, write that down. Develop it; but keep it simple and direct,” he admonished. “Solo instrument.”

Thank you so much Derek Bermel.

I believe in the next coming months, it would behoove me and other artists to remove the distractions that plague our path.  We must get off social media, get outside, get lost, get found and learn to listen to a song emerging from our souls.



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