A Tale of the Moon


Photo Courtesy of Nasa on the Commons

The earth does not rotate round the moon.  The moon dances around the Earth.  Because the moon knows her role.  Her place, her perfect suiting in time.  And she begins to understand true contentment.  She does not strive to be Jupiter or Pluto or even the Sun.  She allows the Sun to be itself and therefore the moon can revel in her illustrious moon-ness.  The moon doesn’t hop around to pluto’s moons to try them out nor does she decide to be for a time with Jupiter’s moons.  For should she do that, she would realize that all the insecurities she experiences or the difficulty of rotation is not so much different in their force fields as in her own.  She has seen the astroids who merely float around with no direction and decides that she will revel in who she is as the moon of the planet Earth.  She feels needed by the beings on Earth as they adore gazing up at her light each and every night.  She knows she produces the tides and other things that are needful in their own right.  She knows that no one else can fulfill the role which she has been given in the Heavens.  And because she knows who she is and is appreciated for who she is, she becomes truly blessed and contented.



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