Photo courtesy: Field Museum

I read this on Seth Godin’s blog recently.  

Immersed.  It can change you.

If you aren’t following him and getting his updates, you are missing out.  I don’t think we realize how true this immersion concept actually is.  Take a person for example. We can’t truly know them until we have worked really hard to tear down any pre-conceived notions we have about them or what he have heard.  We won’t be able to love and care and help until we get our hands a little dirty.  We also can’t truly benefit from a situation, a career endeavor or striving for a goal unless we are able to really work on it, dedicating time to fulfilling it.  Do we immerse ourselves in God and the spiritual aspect of our lives?  Or do we just run in the sprinkler, getting ourselves just a little refreshed?  Immersion requires conquering fear.  Immersion requires a commitment.  And immersion will require pushing ourselves when we don’t “feel” like it.  We must ride the waves, hold on in the storms and reassess who we are and where we stand in relation to God.  

And sometimes, the first jump may be the hardest step we have to take.

May your week be profitable and blessed 🙂




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