Muriel’s museum


Photo Courtesy:  Archive of North Carolina

She whispered in my ear

Welcome in

To something you must simply see

People in a people gallery….


Perhaps we are all just

traveling exhibits

with a plaque

beneath our feet

telling the reader

of all that our eyes have seen


Those who have been joined in marriage

off to the right

and in the great hall

are the lovers of the night

those who never find it

a gallery of shattered hearts

what pains each of them

now to everyone is art


Far less dirty

once we’re framed

and behind glass

to be analyzed now

and lumped together

with the mass

again and again

In perfect temperature

set to preserve us

as we once were

though the lights are too revealing

of all our faults you’ve heard



On display

for all your eyes

raw and exposed

love led them home

But love was our demise.





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