Lyrical Life


Photo Courtesy: This flickr photostream

I gotta keep going

Can’t stay where I am

I don’t wanna miss

Anymore of this

Letting go

I’m feeling all of this.

These are new lyrics from the Matthew Perryman Jones song Anymore of This featuring Mindy Smith.  Love the thoughts and wanted to expound on some connections between it and the world I see. 

I gotta keep going.  No matter what you think, no matter how dark the storm, never ever give up.  People’s words can encourage you but they can tear you down just as quickly.  Don’t listen to them when they shout insults or subtly scratch and erode your sense of security.  Hold your head up high and be confident in all the good you are doing around this world even when no one else sees and validates you. 

Can’t stay where I am.  To remain as we always are will get us nowhere better.  We have a need for change and newness which is exciting when we find something new.  But learning to see the new everyday, even in things we’ve seen every day before is a beautiful thing.  God knew we needed this, so He created seasons, days and the changing in the position of the sun on a daily basis. He also knew we ultimately would not stay where we are on this earth.

I don’t wanna miss anymore of this.  We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others and wallowing in self-pity.  While we are being frustrated, angry, jealous and mopey, we are missing good things continually happening around us. 

Letting go.  Perhaps stopping and breathing is what helps us move forward.  To grapple, to grow, the feel, to fight and to find what you are looking for is a process.  We continually ponder the good, the difficult and the crumbling.  So many people are hurting, so many people are inflicting hurt on others.  How do I aid the first group and how to I avoid being one of the latter?  To be one who pursues peace and aids those in need is a goal.  Working toward unity and peace is never an easy task or one that comes without some sacrifice.  Sacrifice means hurting as well. 

I’m feeling all of this.  Every ache, every victory big or small, every tear, every disintegration, every beautiful melody, every laugh all affects my being as these footsteps cross this earth.  How can we not think we have such power to affect the world and its inhabitants for good or ill?  You fail to realize there is power in your fingertips.  Please think about this in all you do and say and teach.

Have a thought-provoking Tuesday.



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