Share and Tell


Photo courtesy of State Library of Queensland

Share and Tell.  At the heart of all music is the desire to share, a desire to relate and a desire to connect to both others and the ever-changing world around us.  Somehow, the beast of the music industry seems to lose that.  Play in an arena?  Be so high up with lights in your face that you don’t even see the faces of the people who have paid copious amounts of money to see you.  Not exactly the original intent probably.

Connection is what people are seeking when they go to a show.  They want to engage with the artist, and they want to know they can respect you.  You know when you meet someone who was a childhood legend to you?  And you know when they happen to be some terribly rude and arrogant person?  It really is a let-down and though you may still buy their music, it’s almost as if it loses some sort of magic.

How do we get that back?  

As artists- we have to get off our high horses and be with the people.  We have to relate, stand at our merch tables and learn about those who are interested in our music.  Once we understand them, we will be better at creating music that speaks to them and connecting with them.  We also need to take time to use these gifts for the greater good and not live for the praise of men.  What are some ways that your gifts, even other than music, can be used to spread goodness around your communities and groups?

As music fans- we should support people who are the full meal deal.  What do I mean by that?  Well, do you have specific local artists you really love as people, possibly see them around town doing the same things you do, and respect their art and they causes they support?  Music needs to get back to the people, sort of like a neighborhood and community.  Sure there are ugly (i use that word as an action thing) people who still create great art, but their being can really be a turn-off after awhile. I have met and know personally various local artists that are talented and I have coffee/tea with them or have the opportunity to chat with them around town.  I choose to support and appreciate those musicians who I connect to and who have deeper meanings in their lyrics than just the here and now.  

Funny isn’t it that spreading music and “marketing” doesn’t have to be something so deep.  It’s really just looking at humans on a natural level and watching what trends happen naturally.  We love to tell and share and connect.  How will you use that to spread good seeds around?



2 thoughts on “Share and Tell

  1. Exactly on the money! Speaking as a performer, I *love* it when people come up to me after a set and say how much they enjoyed listening. Sure, making money at what you do is fantastic, but if it came down to money OR that personal connection, I’d take that personal connection, hands down.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts Heather! I just realized all of these comments were going straight to my spam folder. Apologize for just now responding. Yes, the personal connection is really what it is all about. True fans- and friends for life is what every artist needs and should want 🙂


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