The Release of my EP, Pursuit!


Album artwork by Casey McBride at

I present you with my musical baby…. My EP titled Pursuit.  The title came from my feeling that all of us are in pursuit of something whether it be the pursuit of nature, of love, of our dreams and/or spiritual endeavors.  We are all ultimately moving toward something.

Working carefully for six months to create, write and finalize this project makes me feel really thankful to have completed such a task.  I can’t even say it was only a six month project since so much has gone into the creation of this all the way back to my first piano lesson at age 6.  Creativity is a process.  Everything we do builds on the past and the decisions we have made along the way.

My EP Pursuit has recently been released, and I feel like I have learned so much throughout that process.  Putting time, effort and emotion into something really taught me how to give even when it gets difficult.  Throughout it all, I had the most awesome producer, Michael Estok at Vibe Dial Studios.  He knew when to push me and he knew when to let me creatively go alone ahead.  He also knew when I was hangry and needed to take a break for some sustenance ha.

All of that aside, I am so blessed to present you with my debut EP.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to give it a listen at both of the links below.  Feel free to share as well!

I am starting to book shows and small tour dates in 2014.  If you know of anyone who might want to host a house show or just have any insight into a great venue in a particular area, feel free to send me an email with information.  Or even just email and say hey, hi and howdy!

I feel so blessed to have encouragement from readers, listeners, friends and family all over the country and great big world.  Thank you all so much for being there and being the supportive shoulders for me to stand on.  I did not create this all on my own.  Thanks to each and every one for the roles you have played in making this happen.

Love to you,



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