Wrapped in grey


Photo Courtesy:  NSW photostream

I remember the day

The day the world was wrapped in grey

It came fast

And it stayed

For a good long while this way.


The minds plus and minus of the world

The logical

Their intelligence unfurled

Began to notice missing things

All lines became straight which once were swirled


The paintings were no more on walls

No music heard down through the halls

the colors in the fabric

began to melt away

and everything began to fade into grey


the calculators were there

and the pens and the paper too

but slowly through the day

all the pants, shirts, picture frames and foods

began to drip their colors and what was left was grey


people began to disappear

the people who were odd and funny

so different, the laughing stock

the ones we could not understand

the ones with wrinkled frocks


oh there was math and science too

the methods above the madness

there was what they told us

was so important

and the color slowly melted

into a massive pool of sadness


and as they reveled in their logic

believing they had won

with each passing day their hearts grew heavy

without the variety of the ones who were gone

and upon the lips of the dying man, I heard him say

now I know without the other shades

I am sinking into the saddest shade of grey.



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