Open mind and heart


Photo Courtesy: This flickr stream

Some things I’ve realized about the idea of having an open mind and heart and what I personally think it really means.

  1. An open mind is one that is willing to study and think and not think it knows the all the answers.
  2. An open mind is one that doesn’t point fingers and tell everyone how judgmental they are.
  3. An open mind is willing to show the same respect and care to others who disagree from their views as those who see eye to eye with them.
  4. An open heart means not only giving of ourselves and of our means to those we enjoy but also the difficult, the unruly, those who seem to be different, odd or drain us of our energy.
  5. An open heart will try its best to not slap labels instantly on a person, groups of people or try to state the situation of hearts until fruit has become evidence of worthy or unworthy conduct.
  6. An open heart doesn’t seek to ostracize but seeks to mend, to unify and to pursue peace.

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