How to steal power from the so-called cool kids


Photo Courtesy:  Library of Congress photostream

Reading in Galatians, I happened upon the verse in chapter 4, verse 17

“They zealously court you, but for no good; yes, they want to exclude you, that you may be zealous for them.”  Paul talks about how the people who had something over the others in the churches of Galatia would use their selectivity as a cause to gain more prominence.

Isn’t that so true?  The people who think they are supposedly cool only have power because they are in some form of elitist club?  Why on earth would we sell high dollar VIP passes to events or membership into selective golf clubs around the world?  We all want to belong to a group and we want to be super special.  More special than the next guy right?  So how can you steal power from the cool kids, self-deemed?

  1. Take a long hard look at them and know the only reason they have power is because we give it to them.  Power must be given.  And if you unravel them in your mind by affirming that you belong here just as much as they do, you will begin to realize the strength in what you have.
  2. Don’t make it your goal to be in their club.  Instead, strive to be the most true to yourself and who you are, fostering your talents and giving back to the Maker who gave to you.  Why try to grab a bar that you didn’t set for yourself?
  3. Cool is only a word made up by someone to make us think people have it all together.  They don’t.  In fact, the people that seem to be so put together perhaps have more to hide.  And cool and weird and odd all designate a sense of other when really we are so very similar.  If only we looked at our similarities we might begin to see the unity that could be.
  4. If you should get welcomed into a group of these so- called popular kids, remember to continually take stock of who you are and examine whether you are doing things because you want to do them or because the mob mentality deems it so.  And don’t be afraid to stand for what is right even if everyone ridicules you for it or calls you weird.  You aren’t alone. Ever.

Take that cool kids.


And a song that goes along with this from Echo Smith can be heard here…. Click on music and Cool Kids is the song 🙂


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