the babe of creativity


Photo Courtesy:  Florida Memory flickr photostream

A respite.  A haven.  Away from the problems and frustrations of this world.  At the edge of the ivory or near the window of a train.  An escape from the mundane.  To need this is to tap into vulnerability.  To long for this is not distant from divine.  To stand up for this is to speak for something that cannot speak of its own.  Your creativity needs you.  The quiet part of you that longs to be in touch with the Maker.  There is something deep within that says “come here, and see.”  run your fingers in this sand, feel the velvet against your skin, breathe in the salty sea air, pull your knees tighter into your chest…. and sink like a cannonball into your own restlessness.  May i find a forest.  Lead me into the ocean.  My heart longs for all of these majestic pictures of nature, with strings playing behind me as the waves crash against the new england rocks, jagged and fierce.  Do not ignore that voice that says, come sit awhile and make something grand, make your mark on this earth.  Employ thy hands and mind to paint, sculpt, sing, laugh, connect, hug and inspire those who need lifting up.  come show us how to imagine they say.  Come give us hope for we lost it today.

listen, create and share



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