Orange Sky

Orange Sky

Are you jealous of purple’s hue?

When others look at her

And forget about you

A little recognition

Is really all you ask

I understand

For I have felt like that

Red leaf

Blowing in the wind

Do you see?

What might have been?

Though you’re being tossed about

Unsure of where you’ll land

Don’t worry

You will get back home again

Sweet rain

Falling from above

Are you really crying?

That people aren’t thankful enough?

And though they could be happy

You are causing much to grow

They’re angry

Because the traffic is so slow

Small birds

Flying in the sky

One is not enough

But with many they will try

They are a part of something

Larger than themselves


They always make it south

People, people

Here and there

There are many people


If we saw each other

Like the Lord does up above

It really wouldn’t be so hard

To love.


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