buried gold

If we dig inside

the part of us

the hollow no one sees

and find a tiny little shred

of the good

the good

the good that we could be

And if deep within

our darkest fears

lie rewards

we’ve yet to see

and stretching, growing in our souls

has purpose there to be

There when opportunity

melts good and bad alike

and forced to pick

when truth’s unpleasant

all we see’s rejection

in their eyes

And when empty’s what

you feel inside

forsaken by a lot

shaking fingers full of nothing

airy hope is all you’ve got

The places in your throat

that you’ve swallowed

each time into your depths

are building something great


amidst the rest

An anchor

that will keep you

when you feel you’ll drift away

He’ll keep you calmly grounded

His own roots as your mainstay.



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